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This is the "Official"  web site for the USS UTAH Association of which I am a proud member.  Our goal is to

further the USS Utah's Internet presence, to add additional eyewitness reports, promote camaraderie among

the remaining survivors, and to honor all who served on this grand old ship.

We also hope this site will be a catalyst for our entire membership,  which now includes  relatives of USS Utah personnel and anyone who has a genuine interest in the Naval History of the United States of America, and particularly in the history of the USS Utah BB31/AG16.  Last, but not least, we wish to preserve the history of what happened as seen through the eyes of USS Utah sailors at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

To accomplish our mission,  we welcome  further information appropriate for this web site. If there are  survivors, relatives or descendants of  crew members of the USS Utah  with stories or something you would like to see here, we would like to hear from you.   We welcome survivor's eyewitness stories. We especially welcome information and photos of those who, so very young, gave their lives on December 7th, 1941.   This is one way you can honor their memory, email the Webmaster  Please feel free to contact the President of the USS UTAH Association, our Shipmate Cecil Calavan email



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USS Utah (AG16) rests on the west side of Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and is not mentioned in tourist brochures. Most persons visiting the historical sights at Pearl Harbor see the more publicized sites, including the USS Arizona Memorial,  USS Missouri Museum, and the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum.   The USS Utah Memorial is one of two National Memorials at Pearl, the other being  USS Arizona.  All the sites named are important reminders of our heritage and history and we encourage everyone to visit all of them.

And while at Pearl Harbor please go the new "open" Gate to Hickam Field.  Remember, the U.S. Army Air Corps received their share of the viscous "sneak" attack. They also suffered their share of casualties.  You may not know, but a man from Hickam captured the first Japanese intruders that infamous day.

He was aboard one of the 2-man submarines. His vessel ran aground in the beach near


The USS Utah Memorial, not shown on tour guides. It is a little more difficult to visit by virtue of its location within the confines of a military reservation.  This website, in addition to revisiting the ship's history and reviewing the Utah's story of December 7, 1941, attempts to inform the public on ways to visit the Utah Memorial.  If you are planning a trip to Hawaii please read the information published here on how to visit the USS Utah Memorial 

There is now a bridge to Ford Island thus the USS Utah memorial can be visited more easily. There is a Guard Gate on the bridge, and entrance requires prior arrangement with the Navy. . Please click the  

Our Photo Gallery will post  photos of anyone who served aboard USS Utah at any time - 1911 - 1941.

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USS Utah Association opens new classes of membership; for additional information, email to our Association President Mr. Cecil Calavan


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